Tiket are a band that brings creative pop music with a little touch of rock. Ticket name, used as a symbol of hope from the personnels that may exist in indonesia's music industry. Tiket are bands that are derivative from the former of Gigi band, He is Opet Alatas (Bassist). This band was formed in Jakarta at May, 2000. until this time, Tiket have been 4 albums released, namely, "Ticket" (2001), "Sebuah Anugerah" (2003), "Rasakan Yang Kau Rasa" (2005), and the last in 2007 "Transisi". but this album appear again at the end of 2008 which is "Transisi Repackage". But if called for Tiket band, if not one of them also in the band as new comers. because, at this time with the formation of inclusion Budhy Haryono (drums) and Christian Bhaskara (vocal) who collaborated with two of the old Tiket personnel, Opet Alatas (bass) and Arden (guitar) have produced a new concept of music that feels much more fresh in the previous appeal. and result, the hit single "Hanya Kamu Yang Bisa" success in the industry and the positive got a good appreciation from music lovers in indonesia.

  • UnOfficial Site : Tiket (on Myspace)
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