Tangga musicTangga is an indonesian music group (Vocal Group), which consists of 4 personnel (2 men and 2 women), which is present in the indonesia's music industry with Pop Creative that combines elements of music that range from R & B, Rap, and Dance music that they brings. Tangga start well after the first album release entitled "Tangga" (Self Title) with the hit song "Hebat". in fact, this music group is not different from other vocal groups such as Warna, RSD, or AB Three. but to distinguish them is that, in each songs always incorporate one or two-stanza "Rap" (as if talking singing) sung by one of their personnel. for Tangga, that is their specialty. but there are circles who criticize that, by entering the element Rap, is an alternative for one of the actual Tangga's personnel that "does not have the singing quality". any form, Tangga remain a music group that is able to give a different nuance of the music with most of the music groups or bands in the indonesia's music industry. They can be called as a group of young people that modern, fresh, and dynamic.

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