Powerslaves bandPowerslaves is an indonesian band that carries Rock n 'Roll & Blues music genre, was formed around April 1991 in Semarang city, Central Java, Indonesia. begins meeting Anwar Fatahillah (bass) with Heydie Ibrahim (vocal), which has a match in the concept of music. After recruiting other personnel that supported by Kolem (guitar), Randy (guitar), Vidi (drums) and Wiwik (Keyboard), Powerslaves band also stood with the strength of a solid. Powerslaves name taken from the encyclopedia which means that a soldiers group of the Musa's Prophet, who has the strength from within. But for those special meaning is have the power to produce the loud music but still harmonious. strength of Powerslaves's music is rock music with harmony. no wonder so many people who said at that time, Powerslaves is music translation from the world's top band, Guns N 'Roses and Led Zeppelin. Powerslaves start in indonesia's music industry after released first album, entitled "Metal Kecil" in 1991 and resulting hit singles "Impian". until 2004, Powerslaves have produced 5 albums. but until now the name Powerslaves no longer be released new album in the music industry, after discharge Andry Franzzy (Guitarist) and join with rock band, Boomerang.

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