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Noisy scene indonesian music industry at this time, it is a good development for the existence of music of own country, which is the root of a nation's culture. the economic difficulties at this time, music is the most inexpensive entertainment that can cooling of hearts and relaxation for us.

Indonesia's music began with the many enthusiastic growth Bands/singers since 80's end, 90's, to 2000's present. not like in around 70s that only dominated by names like Koes plus, Panbers, The Mercy's, etc, and after that there are so many bands/singers who appear, survive, and exist to become a super band or Diva.

In an around 80's. who do not know with very fenomenal performers such as Iwan Fals, Ebiet G Ade, Chrisye, or Vina Panduwinata, that theys songs almost no people who do not know. until now their songs remain memory and not so little that "influence" for the band/singers at this time.

At year around 90's trend is different. because that appears to surface is a young musician with the Band. cause many bands to appear at that time, the soloist may also great at that time such as Nicky Astria, drowned by big names such as Slank, Dewa 19, Gigi, etc. then, the band is a sovereign throne indonesia's music industry.

At 2000's until this time, the bands still rule tracks the hits in the middle of the community. ranging from radio, tv, internet, to a crowd of centers such as malls, there are always songs that are hits either deliberately or accidentally we listen.

A significant difference between the light bands in 2000's with the banss/singers before, it is the music of itself. such as 90's bands, music is still the majority of the influenced by hardrock music, classic rock, that have full skills in each the songs. lovers and can be only children up to teenager who likes types of music like that. music of the bands in 2000's is mostly easy listening and minimalist. then no wonder that most children age 5 years can be very memorize songs with such Peterpan, Ungu, Radja, Nidji or d'Masiv.

Perhaps, the children nowadays can more memorize songs like Peterpan, Ungu, Nidji, than the songs that should have a special child for they age. but, the problem is "nearly" no longer child performers such as 80's years old or an 90's such as Joshua, Bondan Prakoso, or Trio Kwek Kwek, who is glorified by children mare that.

Definitely different each time. of things are certainly different too. so, all is relative. no one can claim that the music of 80's, 90's, or 2000's better than the other. that should not matter in the debated and compare. from each generation, must appear 1 or 2 bands/singers will be Popular and became as indonesian music legend.
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March 31, 2009 6:24 PM ×

Probably Chrisye remains the best Indonesian musician till today. His songs remains each generations and he kept exist till the end of his life.

Selamat Vicky Laurentina dapat PERTAMAX...! Silahkan antri di pom terdekat heheheh...
Thanks for your comment