Ten 2 Five

Ten 2 Five is a band the origin of a selected stream music, Pop Jazz to compete in the strict indonesia's music industry which is currently dominated music Pop Minimalist. Initially in 1998, in Perth, Western Australia, Ten 2 Five The name they can agree because their personnel, to exercise of music every Saturday from 10 am until 5 pm . career in professional music They started after as a band winner in "Mustang radio" Jakarta in 2003 and started professional debut as a band in 2004 after recruited by Explosive Record and release of the album title "I Will Fly" on April 2004. Not take long, on September 2004, Ten 2 Five received a "Golden Award" after successfully selling 75 thousand pieces cassette and CD 17. most songs of this band is the song with English lyrics. with these characteristics, Ten 2 Five only compete with Mocca which use english too in their songs to grab sympathy indonesian music lovers, and this is evidenced Ten 2 Five as one of the most popular band in indonesia.
Official Site : www.ten2fiveband.com
Hit Song : I Will Fly

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succes for ten2five band

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