Seringai bandIn early 2002, After a year disbanding of they legendary hardcore band outfit for 10 years, Puppen, the vocalist, Arian13, (Puppen, Aparatmati) and old friends, Khemod (Drummer) (from Bandung thrash grinders, Aparatmati) and Ricky (Guitarist) (from Jakarta's finest hardcore band, Stepforward) founded a band that called Seringai. Seringai is an Indonesian indie band that carries the rock music that "really rock" with thick guitar sound and a tremendous vocal wail, capable appreciate in the class and trim. Face in the path indie music began with the famous song "Membakar Jakarta", Seringai became more popular and the shows were beer-soaked and the sing along, slam dancing, stage diving never stops. Seringai is a band that provides the spirit of "anti-majority" from domination rock bands which have tended love or broken heart in their music.

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