Sahara BandFor the indonesian rock music lovers, name of Sahara band is one of the rock band is quite famous in the 90's. Sahara was formed in Bandung around 1989 by the former founders of the Pas Band, Richard. with Ahmad Sebastio (Bass), and the band is born with the name, Sahara. exist long after the band as a rule are always different music festival, then in 1993, Sahara's first album released entitled "Insomnia" with hit single "Angin Malam". existence is acknowledged as the Sahara began to rock band on board indonesia after second album released the songs is quite famous at that time, "Biarlah Sepi". strength Sahara of music is vocal sound that is typical Ixan Rantas, Ace Junardi's Guitar groan, and Bass riffs of Ahmad Sebastio is difficult enough to be played by mostly people. Sahara last album released in 2007, but until now, Sahara has not been released a new album and are still "sleeping" in between the noisy indonesian music scene at this time in the meet by the presence of many newcomers singers/bands.

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