Roxx is an indonesian group that brings rock music around the year 90's. Rock music lovers, may simply agree that mentions, Roxx is a rock band at that time most phenomenal. Inhabited by young people choose the path of young rock and a hard plays with a faster tempo (Speed Rock) from the usual rock at the time. Roxx was then engrave the name, which is almost only a history. Roxx started well after the successful entry of 10th "Indonesia's Rock Festival" - Log Zhelebour held on 90's. Track their hits titled "Rock Bergema" was also used as the theme music program a few radio stations, one of which is iRadio. Roxx is a symbol of indonesia's music history that still exist in the rock path with the spirit and ambition that remains as before. Roxx is Rock ...!!!

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Hit Song : Rock Bergema

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