Reza Artamevia

Reza ArtameviaReza Artamevia Adriana Eka Suci or better known as Reza Artamevia, is an indonesian singer that was born in Jakarta, on May 29, 1975. Reza Artamevia is an indonesian singer who has a great vocal quality. voice timbre with a typical weight and "sexy", makes Reza Artamevia be different from other indonesian singers. Reza's music career started as a backing vocal of the band Dewa 19. with the guidance of Ahmad Dhani (Dewa 19), Reza Artamevia debut album, "Keajaiban", is the first created in 1997, with the song "Pertama", and success in Indonesia's music industry. even Reza also had collaboration in one of Her songs "Biar Menjadi Kenangan" with the Japanese performers, Masaki Ueda. after long time not released new album and drowned from music industry due to various personal problems that befall it, Reza have planning to release a new album in 2009. Reza Artamevia remains as one of the great singer in indonesia and a reasonable degree Diva Music Pop Indonesia.

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