Rafika Duri

Rafika DuriRafika Duri, is an indonesian singer of a legendary enough to have a lot of inspiration for many indonesian singers from first generation until now. Rafika Duri was born in Bangka, January 20, 1960. Known after his name began to sweep the vocal contest competition "Bintang Radio & Televisi" in 1976. When it appears Rafika Duri with Harvey Malaiholo, who also happens winners male vocalist category. Harvey is also famous as the pair duet with Rafika Duri. much earlier, Rafika Duri is a lot of performers who sing pop songs creation from A. Riyanto (Indonesian composers). Rafika Duri name start known by indonesian music lovers with a song "Tertusuk Duri". but the vocal character of Rafika Duri has been formed by Ireng Maulana (Indonesian Jazz Musician) with Bossa Nova (Bossas) music genres. and to this day, Rafika Duri famous as an indonesian bossas singer.

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