Netral is a Band that was formed on November 1992. this band at the beginning of the appearance in the Indonesia's music industry carries the listener is still foreign to the indonesian music, it's Alternative Rock. In 1994, through the struggle that is not light, Netral finally get a producer for the first album. Under the auspices of "PT. Indosemar Sakti", Netral released the album "wa...lah", and successfully sells more than 80,000 units of cassette and Compact Disc of the album of this. like other bands, Netral also experienced some turnover of personnel time. at this time of the Netral consist of Bagus (vocal & Bass), Enno (Drum), and Choky (Guitar). although only consisting of 3 personnel in their music that they plays, but the music remains Neutral typical noisy of Alternative Rock, and able to serve the harmonization of the music is good.

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Hit Song : Wa...Lah

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mantaaab neh band,,termasuk favorit gw dari dulu..

Nice Blog bro..keep share..

Selamat aaLiL dapat PERTAMAX...! Silahkan antri di pom terdekat heheheh...
Thanks for your comment