La Luna

La luna is a Pop band was formed in Bandung at around january 2000, that when it Boyan (drums) and Uti (guitar), two Architecture students ITENAS Bandung, make fraudulent band that carries the songs own concept of music with different bands with their own. after a long process, the La Luna album first released in 2000 under the company's recording "Benih Musik" which is "Penggalan Kisah Lama" and the same song with the album title "Penggalan Kisah lama", demand in the indonesia's music industry. at this time consists of the La Luna Manik (vocal), Boyan (Drum), and Uti (Guitar). after this time La Luna has not released a new album which they released last year in 2005. La Luna, but the name still be expected by millions their fans in Indonesia.
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Hit Song : Penggalan Kisah Lama

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