The Groove

The Groove bandThe Groove is an indonesian band that brings music genre like Acid Jazz, Groovy, Soul, and Funk. was born on May 1997 and formed at a community café in the cities around Jakarta and Bandung.

They were known as the band played many songs such as "acid jazz" from Jamiroquai, Incognito, and Brand New Heavies. This group is also involved in The music on campus, and participated in a big music event, one of which is JakJazz '97.

Formation this group is strengthened by 8 personnel. Rieka Roeslan (Lead Vocal & Songs Creator), Reza (Male Vocal), Yuke (Bass and now joined as Dewa 19's Bassist), Ari (Guitar), Tanto (Keyboard Synth), Ali (Piano), Rejos (Percussion & Vocal), and Detta (Drums).

First album titled "Kuingin", officially released in July 1999, with the hit singles such as "Satu Mimpiku" and "Dahulu". Success with this album, The Groove starts received by indonesian music lovers widely. because, The Groove music that tends to segmented, saturation able to infiltrate the music lovers with a taste of music they deliver.

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