Andra Ramadhan

Andra RamadhanAndra Junaidi Ramadan or better known by the name of Andra Ramadhan, was born on June 17, 1972 in Surabaya. He is one of the best Indonesian Guitarist with guitar plays style of rock. He is also famous as the Dewa 19's guitarist. at the First, Andra Ramadhan dreamed of becoming a famous drummer. but because of the cost to buy the Drum is very expensive and after seeing His friends fun picking guitar, His hobbies any change. with borrowed guitar, he began learning the guitar, and indeed because of talent, skills and techniques are rapidly developing game. Andra still at this time as guitarist of Dewa 19. besides, Andra create a personal music project. with his partner, Andra ramadhan form a band that called Andra and The Backbone. and this band was also achieved remarkable success in Indonesia's music industry.

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April 27, 2009 12:49 PM ×

sblumnya aku manggil apa ni...???
aku sedikitnya byk tw lho permainan andra soalnya aku jg ngfans ma melody yg andra maenin....
klo blh...aku pengen sekali bertemu dan sharing-sharing soalnya aku jg seorang gitaris..
ampe teman-teman ku manggil aku andra junior...he he he......
ini facebook ku:
please ya tlg di gubris...soalnya aku ngfans bgt ma ANDRA JUNAEDI RAMADHAN....

Selamat Fajar Pelabuhan dapat PERTAMAX...! Silahkan antri di pom terdekat heheheh...
Thanks for your comment