SyaharaniSyaharani, that has the full name of Saira Syaharani Ibrahim, was born in Malang, East Java on July 27, 1971, is an Indonesian jazz vocalist with uniquely of heavy vocal timbre. until 2006, Syaharani has released 3 solo album of pop jazz and trip-hop (Magma). She is also represented Indonesia in the North Sea Jazz Festival in 2001. The sounds of this new identity of the musical team can be best described as "ear-friendly" and creates a chill-out mood with the cross- over multiple genres such as pop, soul, jazzy groove and little bluesy rock n' roll, topped with the charm and sultry voice of Syaharani. Syaharani's name is not too popular in the major music industry of indonesia, but the quality of her vocal does not need necessary anymore. with characteristics of "weight vocal", Syaharani is not integral part in the progress of Indonesia's jazz music.

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