Sherina is a troubadour of children around the end of 90's years as a popular children singer with vocal quality far above the average to its contemporary performers. the original owner name Sinna Sherina Munaf (born in Bandung, West Java, June 11, 1990) is the nephew of the singer senior, Fariz RM. Sherina already at this time go adults have a lot of change. Sherina is still active in the music career as a professional singer, and this is evidenced with the release the album a few years ago. with great support from musician Abdee Negara (Slank Guitarist), Sherina brisk start in the indonesia's music industry for segment, youth performers. the only name that proportionality with Sherina, it's Gita Gutawa. their vocal techniques have above average performers adolescents.
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Hit Song : Sendiri

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