Mahadewi, Dewi dewiMahadewi is an Indonesian music group (duo) of Indonesia. strengthened by Shinta Dewi (or called by Tata) and Purie Andriani (or called by Purie), Mahadewi name is the evolution's name of a poplular trio music group before and famous called with Dewi Dewi. After their one personnel out from Dewi Dewi, she is Carolina Agustine Kamarie (Ina), Dewi Dewi start rocking. Ina choose as solo career singer and is now joined in a jazz community called "Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran" (KJK). Because of never finding a fit, Ahmad Dhani as the people behind Dewi Dewi official, disband this music group (Dewi Dewi) in December 2008. Dewi Dewi personnel remaining, Tata and Purie be given the freedom to solo career or establish a new group. Tata and Purie eventually choose to form a new group, and choose a name of they new music group with the name, Mahadewi. some time ago, Mahadewi released a new singles song and popular directly with a song titled "Sumpah I Love You".

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