Gilang Ramadhan

Gilang Ramadhan born in Bandung, May 30, 1963, is a drummer and top Indonesian musicians. Gilang extraordinary talent has seen from his boyhood. He never younger students when first learn musical instrument, violin at Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) Jakarta at the age of 8 years. music continues to be when two years later, Gilang opportunity to go to France to study piano and organ. he continue studies in the United States at the Hollywood Professional School, on the direction the music years 1980-1982. At almost the same year 1981-1984, He study in the Los Angeles City College (LACC), take direction percussion. Gilang played in several bands in the United States, among others, joined the LACC Big Band, with genre mainstream jazz in 1983. Upon return to Indonesia, Gilang play in some music group. This is done to add experience as a drummer and deepen the flow of various music. in exploration in the music, finally Gilang Ramadhan is known as one of the best Drummer in indonesia. Gilang Ramadhan is the only player in the drum sponsored by Zildjian, the company symbal from the United States since 1992 until now.

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