Fariz RM

Fariz Rustam Munaf is better known by the name Fariz RM (born January 5, 1961) was a singer and musician Indonesia. Fariz RM name is known by indonesia's music lovers in the 80's with hit song "Sakura" and "Barcelona". During the 25 years since his career year in 1978 to 2003, Fariz has produced 20 solo albums, 72 album collaboration, 18 soundtrack albums, 27 albums production where he served as producer, and 13 international album was released in Europe and Asia Pacific. Fariz had 'disappeared' in about 10 years of Indonesian music stage. To prove the existence, Fariz make a big concert, namely Pagelaran Zaman Emas Fariz RM, on August 21, 2003 in Plenary Hall, JCC Jakarta. Fariz RM is a singer who became indonesian long history of indonesia's music.
Official Site : - Hit Song : Sakura

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