Ebiet G. Ade

Ebiet G. Ade, born in Banjarnegara onApril 21, 1954, was an indonesian singer and songwriter. Ebiet known songs with the theme songs of nature, social and political disaster, religious, family, grief suffered, etc. Through song, the music genre "Ballads", at the beginning of his career, he was' taking 'atmosphere of life in the late 70s until now. Ebiet music career, was initially just a hobby of writing poetry and playing the guitar. only solace from friends singing track, the enthusiasm and appreciation of its people in the extraordinary. Ebiet but only assume activity is just hobby. but the support of friends and people around, Ebiet start serious career in indonesia's music industry at 1979. until now, Ebiet has released more than 25 solo albums and collaborations.
Official Site : www.ebietgade.com
Hit Song : Untuk Kita Renungkan

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