Ari Lasso

Bernardus Ari Lasso, or better known by the name Ari Lasso (born in Madiun, East Java, January 17, 1973, is a pop singer Indonesia. His name comes first, known as the vocalist of a famous indonesian band, Dewa 19. After the official exit from Dewa 19 released since at 5th Dewa 19 album , Dewa 19 vocalist position now by Once, Ari began to use His solo album. Ari appear to return to the world of entertainment, show duet with Melly Goeslaw, a large and successful in the market. 2001 Ari issue first solo album Self Previously, also with great success hit single "Misteri Illahi". At this time, Ari Lasso is success as a vocalist, although without shelter from the name of Dewa 19.
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Hit Song : Misteri Illahi

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