Andini Aisyah Hariadi, born in Jakarta, August 25,1985, or most famous with Andien is an Indonesian Singer of Jazz music. Andien has a way first album on February 2000, entitled "Bisikan Hati". This album is estimated to sell about 30.000 pieces. performers this popular name after singing duet with high talented jazz musicians & performers, Indra Lesmana. Andien learn singing since the age of 3 years old. While sitting in the grade 3 elementary school, Andien start the various festivals in the scope of her stay, Cilandak, South Jakarta. Enter class 6, by Her mother, Andien input to the EMS (Elfa Music Studio), under the care Elfa Secioria. Now, together with Rieka Roeslan, Nina Tamam, Iga Mawarni, Yuni Shara and vocal form groups of five people with the name of 5 Wanita.

Hit Single : Milikmu Selalu

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