Koes Plus

Koes Plus is Indonesian band that was formed in 1969. this band initially is a group that consists as music group of fellow brethren, as a continuation of the group is "Koes Bersaudara", the birth of Koes Plus. A popularity of this band is in around the 70s, and Koes Plus is often seen as the pioneer of pop music and rock 'n roll in Indonesia. Koes Plus is an Indonesia's band that has influenced so many musicians today. this is a Band that being legend of indonesia's music history. with the simple and "natural" at all their song's, it's makes Koes Plus got a good appreciate from all indonesian music lovers. everyone is very familiar with all Koes Plus song's. all agree if Koes Plus is one band of indonesia music legend. if to compare, Koes Plus likes Beatles in world music history. There are so many songs that was Koes Plus created. almost all the Koes Plus's songs are very familiar by indonesian music lovers. oldiest, but goldies. perhaps it is the right word to describe the gold songs of Koes Plus. more about Koes Plus, click here...

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