Gita Gutawa

Gita Gutawa, are multi talented young singer who are currently popular in indonesia. Aluna Sagita Gutawa or better known with Gita Gutawa, was born in Jakarta on August 11, 1993, is an indonesian singer who has perfect vocal quality and able to reach the level soprano voice. Soprano voice's of this young girl is able to present the classical pop genre song's with high-pitch. Gita Gutawa is the daughter of the great musician of indonesia, Erwin Gutawa. so, it's like dad and children who have a talented music. Gita Gutawa's name start famous after singing in the collaboration of one of the song from Ada Band, is "Terbaik Bagimu (Jangan Lupakan Ayah)". begin at that time, She's make impressed of many indonesian music lovers with her quality voice. even be regarded as a children, but her vocal quality that can be exceed of her age. after that success, Gita Gutawa release a full album titled "Gita Gutawa" or self-titled album. This album is classic pop genre with the production of the albums made with the serious mixing and mastering tracks performed in Sydney, Australia. and this album is very dominant role by her father. do not want to say, that just follow the popular name of her father, Gita Gutawa able to indicate identity with the release of several album/single. and also Gita Gutawa even able to create own songs and is quite successful.

  • Hit Song : Sempurna (original song by Andra and The BackBone)
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